IMG_5277My first three blog entries have been centered around something very relevant to my personal journey.

In June, I wrote about having the courage to dream, the boldness to vocalize it, and the faith to simply trust God. It was an acknowledgement that often “starting” occurs without the luxury of all the details. It  requires enough faith to just say yes.

The second entry outlined the reality that sometimes our journey is delayed because we get stuck in a rut. It was a call to consider that perhaps un-repented sin may be the problem. Your detour may be a direct result of sin, that when not addressed, will prevent spiritual progress.

My most recent blog centered on the concept that each decision we make either takes us closer towards or further from our desired destination. Short-term decisions impact long-term outcomes.

After publically launching this site on my 38th birthday, I was humbled, excited and grateful. The supportive response of my family and friends was just incredible! It was just what I wanted! Thank you, Lord! I credit God for his favor!

But now, three short days later, the topic for this “next” post sure feels a little daunting. I created pressure, and emotions told me that I really needed to “deliver” something impressive. (And that it better be concise, captivating, and worth reading!)

The truth? The best way for me to position myself to receive great revelation and insight? … The best posture for capturing creative concepts and divine downloads… You know the answer. Go low.

Prayerful Positioned
… When you really know where to go to receive…

It only took three short days for me to slide into a position of “performance.” What can I do? And how can I do it better?

I must constantly maintain a posture of humility: a position of bended knee; less of me and more of Him. Thy will.

Whatever your journey, let your motivations be pure and your purpose be Kingdom-driven. Keep your eyes on Jesus! Always.  If you are looking to impress others, (you may succeed, for a short time) but it won’t take long to stumble, fall, or lose your audience. People are fickle! In our own strength, we will always fail. In His strength, well, then we can do anything!

Last thing, while it’s true: “My people perish for lack of vision.” (Proverb 29:18)  This verse actually refers to a lack of vision as the absence of prophecy, which is the teaching of God’s word. When God’s Word is not present- plans fail.

In the King James translation, to perish actually reads, “to cast off restraint.”  This means: to rebel against God’s word or neglect the law, which will eventually lead to destruction.

As we journey, remember, our vision is not defined as what we want or what we see. Our vision is defined thru Truth and revelation from God’s Word. Stay positioned
in prayer and commit yourself to the Word! There is no replacement, but without it there is much risk.

This is only the beginning!  I trust God and I believe in you!

Keep stepping!

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  1. Lori- you are a blessing! Your words from God are speaking to me just where I am. Thank you for being bold and sharing God’s word. Also you are a wonderful writer!!!! I’m blessed to know you.


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