Waiting to Launch.

I was honored to be one of the speakers at Joyful Hearts Regional Women’s Conference. It’s hosted annually by my home church.  And wow, July 20-22 was pretty meaningful for about 400 ladies!

Just minutes before the emcee introduced me, I sat down for one last prayer, and I felt the Lord remind me of a sermon I had preached about 14 years ago.  The locusts. Remember the locusts. The sermon was based on Proverbs 30:24-28 – but was honestly very centered on only the Locusts.


I was preaching this to teens at church camp, and if my memory is correct, this would have been before I was married.  Likely, I would have preached to teens with all the depth and vast amounts of experience that a bold young 24 year old could possibly have. (Grace abounds!) But I certainly remember feeling fiery and ready to launch.

The sermon was actually a re-preach from a series by T.D. Jake’s.  The cliff note version would summarize like this:

What can we learn from the locust?

1) God created their bodies with wings and yet they can’t fly.

2) They can’t fly, but yet they can travel for up to 2-3 miles in one leap.

3) Locusts position themselves in a place where they can hear and feel the wind (up on a fence post, branches of a tree, etc)

4) When the time is right, they jump! And while they can not fly, they are equipped with wings and the WIND carries and propels them for exceedingly long distances.

5) Locust make sure they jump at the right time, after being quiet and listening for the wind.

6) Once they jump, it’s the wind that carries the locust and likewise conrtols the distance and direction. The wind sets the course but the locust have to jump.

It was a good sermon. It is good content. It is truth and it is still very applicable.

However, just recently I realized that I pulled out one portion. I singled out one of four. I focused on just the one I liked, I studied it, digested it, and learned from it… but I had neglected the rest of the content.

Back to the verse- What about the ants? The coney (also called a rock badger…what even is that?)  What about the spider (also referred to in some translations as a lizard) – The Word says to study and learn from all four of them, not just one.

So now, 15 years later when I am still itching to jump, believing for the wind and waiting for the timing… I am reminded. Ants prepare. Coneys are positioned in the protection of the rock. And spiders dwell in the King’s Palace.

While I love the locust! I love the JUMP… my next three blogs will be a study on the other 3 small but wise creatures.

While the jump is the exciting part, let’s wait for it.  Remember it is the King who decides when we are ready. The timing is His… if it was up to us, so often we would jump before we were truly prepared and protected.  We have learned from Esther, who was prepared by six months of detox and six months of beauty treatments before her one night with the King.  Her destiny was dependent on her ability to go thru the process. Ladies, we better be prepared, protected and positioned before we think about parachuting!  And if we are truly ready, the exiting news is we can jump! – We will jump into the wind and truly launch!….Fearlessly!

Stay tuned…. There’s more to learn from those small creatures!  In the meantime, check out this clip where Steve Harvey shares about “the jump.”


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