I go to the Rock!

For me, it’s been fun to unfold one simple verse. By intentionally allowing the extended focus and depth of study, this verse is teaching us more.

But, for this one, I felt like I was doing an 8th grade research paper! At least I knew something about the characteristics and nature of the ants and locust… But? The badger? Nope! There was not a single thing in my exsisting knowledge bank. It’s good to study. So, let’s review the verse and dig in for application.

ARKive image GES050071 - Rock hyrax
Proverbs 30:26 “…badgers are but a feeble folk, yet they make their houses in the rocks.”

Well, that was easy. Jesus is the rock, we should remain in Jesus. Done! ✅

Well, not so fast…. we can go deeper and learn a little more.

1) Badgers live in rock crevices. They also don’t dig their own burros. These creatures realize they are weak, and rather than making their own dens, they rely on the exsisting rock. They don’t run there in trouble. They don’t hide there in fear….  They move in. The rock is their home. So often we operate in our “DIY” mentally. We forget we have the benefits of a good Father that is willing to let us take up residence in Him! Psalms 103 reminds that we should not forget all his benefits!

2) The rock itself shoulders the attack of predators, weathers the impact of the storms and absorbs the scorching heat of the sun. The rock – by design- shelters the weak badgers. The rocks covers. Badgers know they are the most strong when they back up into the rock and rest. Rest in Him… The rock stands.

For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe. Psalms 27:5

3) Despite thick fur, rock badgers rely on sun bathing to regulate body tempersture. Because they aren’t insulated well, they need the sun to get warm.  On a cloudy day, they have to pile on top of each other to stay warm. (Why doesn’t anyone yell, “Rock-badger-pile!” … to think, all this time, we’ve been saying, ‘dog-pile’) Rock badges need the sun; if not in the sun, they need each other. The sun is always shining, but on cloudy days, a friend can help bring warmth too. #community

4) For a rock badger, sun bathing is always done before a hunt. At first glance, we can all infer that it means: spend time with Jesus before going into battle. Sure- that’s true, and always a good idea… But hunting wasn’t “battle!” Hunting was provision. Hunting meant eating. For us, hunting is our mundane chores of life.  (Read Hebrews 12:1 in the MSG translation) For best results, spend time with Jesus before attempting to do daily life! Our naturally weak flesh needs regulated by the Son! Regulated daily for the normal stuff, which will equip you for the heavy stuff. (I always knew I was solar charged☀️)

5) In their community, a dominant male guards the group.  He is on the look out for predators. In case of danger, others will be alerted to seek shelter. One alert leader can save these weak creatures from being easily picked off.  It’s ok admit you are weak brcause you know you need the covering of the rock, the warm of friend’s, and the protection of someone smarter than you who is willing to have your back.

6) Luke 19:40 tells us that if we keep silent, even the rocks will cry out! Well, apparently so will the rock badgers!…. They Sing! It’s recorded that most of these creatures have 21 different vocal inflections and sing different dialects in different regions. Their song is their calling card.  No big spiritual principal there- but just cool.

7) Hyraxes and Rock badgers are very adaptable. In East Africa they live at sea level and up to altitudes of over 14,000 feet! They can live in habitats ranging from dry savanna to dense rainforest to cold Afro-alpine moorland. I want to be adaptable!! As long as I remain in the cleft of the rock – I am always at home! Despite my circumstances, I can be flexible and feel safe, I can have peace because I have made my home in the Rock!

Ants prepare and work hard, often doing more than their fair share. Locusts position themselves and advance when the timing is right. Rock badgers take refuge and draw strength from the rock, living in its protection.  Next week, we will study the spider, who made its way into the king’s palace.

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