Webs and Tails

Well, to be honest this last little creature segment got the best of me! Since my last entry on August 29th, my mornings and evenings have had to re-adjust to back to school.  That means helping with homework for three, shuffling gymnastics, show choir, and band, plus packing lunches and enforcing earlier bed times! Combine that with hosting our weekly home-bible-study, church event preparation and many serious prayer requests for loved ones… and well, that just sounds like the perfect chance to procrastinate!  (Who can relate?)

On numerous occasions I looked up nature facts about spiders and lizards, I just couldn’t draw a significant or seemingly meaningful spiritual correlation for this verse.  So, I was stumped. Until today.

Let’s wrap up this spider blog! (Did you see what I did there?) Here is our verse: Proverbs 30:28 “…a lizard can be caught with the hand, yet it is found in kings’ palaces.”  🦎

The New Living Translation actually says lizards are easy to catch! Psssh. I disagree. I have tried to catch many a lizard, (my girls will vouch for me) it’s not easy!

But what could the writer have meant? Some translations reference a spider rather than a lizard… “A spider is skillfully busy with its hands, but can be found in the Kings palace.”

Both creatures are exceedingly common; found in every country and every continent except Antarctic. The lizard, like the rock badger, is a cold-blooded animal. Without the warmth of the sun, it is not productive, often slowed even to the point of being paralyzed.  I actually remembered from elementary science that a lizard can shed its tail. When threatened or in distress, it can just drop the baggage and go! It has the ability to regenerate and grow a new one in as little as six months. Here is a strange new fact, when the lizard is able, it will actually go back to look for the detached tail and then- it will eat it!  Ewww!


When in distress, it’s too easy to want to hide from God, especially when so often we are combating stress or distress that we ourselves created.  We want to keep our mess to ourselves and manage it the best we know how. Let’s learn from the lizard.

When being threatened by your enemy, don’t be afraid of letting go…when in a pinch, maybe it’s time to drop the “tail.”  Sometimes we have to let go of what we thought we knew! Let go of how it’s always been… cut the baggage and run towards our redemption. Drop the tail of trying to please others, drop the tail of fear, drop the stubborn tail of pride, selfishness or addiction!

Don’t get into a tail spin, just cut loose of the heaviness and turn tail and humbly run (bare-bottomed) to safety! After all, the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into, and they are saved! (Proverbs 18)

It’s sometimes hard to maneuver with the tail of your past following behind, but if you cut it loose… God is faithful to restore!  Shed the dead and let him do a new thing! #beautyforashes #newcreation

However, if the verse is referring to the spider, I will just note this…  the beautiful effective production of a spider comes from deep within. From the inside out, a spider works to create an artistic display, an intricate design, with purpose.

IMG_6315.PNG A spider can weave her web- anywhere! (Even in the King’s palace!) The Word tell us that our gifts will make a way for us (Proverbs 18:16). Everything we need for life and godliness has already been placed inside of us, what a gift! (2 Peter 1:3) It’s up to us to take the internal strength God gave us and weave it into something beautiful. When we do, we can use our gifts and talents anywhere! We can choose to use them for the Glory of God, to build his house and further His kingdom!

Lets recap one last time:

Ants– small but mighty! Prepared, and willing to do more than their fair share. Servant minded, team oriented and busy in all the right ways!

Honey badgers– make their home in the protective covering of the Rock, rely on each other and the warmth of the sun to be powered up for daily life, as well as battles.

Locusts – work together in unity to accomplish greatness. While they can’t fly, they are propelled for miles because they rely on positioning, timing, and the ability to jump when it’s time to launch!

Spiders– internal beauty makes a way for display of gifts; use them for the kingdom! Lizard-when in trouble,  drop the tail and let God grow something new!

Feels good to have studied thru the depth of these verses! Hope that something in this resonated with you… I pray that God will take something small and stir it into something big inside your heart. I hope thru this simple blog you are encouraged, inspired, convicted, and even challenged. I hope you learn a little and feel loved a lot!

Excited to write next week on a FUN topic: discontentment!

Stay tuned! ❤️

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  1. Never thought I’d speak positively of spiders until now! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    I think I’m skipping next week’s though! Lol


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