Maintaining or Training?

7133E733-3573-4554-B656-48F89B51EBC6Here is something to consider.

I workout two sometimes three days a week. I FEEL like I work out more frequently than that. I INTEND to workout more than that, but in reality, my norm is always two, sometimes three. It’s  consistently been that way for about two years.

I am not losing weight. I am not gaining weight.  I am not building new muscle. I am not loosing exsisting muscle. I am consistent, but I am not making any progress.

This is called maintaining. I am doing enough to hold my place. Maintainence is good; it has its place and it serves a role.  But, if your goal is progress, maintaining will not get you there.

I can not expect the results of training while only putting in the efforts of a routine approach.
Preventing loss is valuable, but it is entirely different than striding towards your next goal.

Are you holding your ground or taking new territory? In life, are you maintaining status quo or reaching for more?

Similar to the last story I shared, let’s not make this about me. Actually this is not even about fitness. Life just has an unique way of presenting practical truths that we can learn from.

Let’s make this about you.  How would you answer the question, and in what areas would you apply it? Spiritually? In relationships, your marriage, your career, your finances, your health, your dreams, your business or future business, your parenting style, your self confidence?

Are you training or maintaining? Are you good with what you’ve got, or do you want some gains? More of the same, or noticeable change?

If there are areas where maintenance is working for you- great, keep doing what you are doing to hold your place and protect what you love.  I don’t discount the effectiveness of consistency. In fact, I don’t have plans to change my fitness routine.  This is working for me,  and I honestly don’t want to spend more time and effort to get something else. In this area, doing what I am doing works, and I am not willing to spend and sacrifice more.

But—? What if you just had the realization that you are comfortably completing the cycle of a common and complacent maintenance routine…. while expecting the uncommon results of a strict and dedicated training regimen? What if you are stuck in maintence mode expecting the results of a dedicated trainer?! Well, the awareness will bring power to change!

Following the fitness analogy, here are some things you would do:  set a goal, plan your workouts, re-prioritize your time, push yourself to do more than you thought you could, be willing to alter how you eat, sleep and drink; be inconvenienced, change your life.

When you get serious about your dreams, things happen.

I think it’s very possible many of us are letting time pass, thinking and feeling we are pursuing our dreams, intending to puruse our dreams…  when actually, we are just living life.  We are keeping the pace and keeping the peace, not doing anything too radical that would require all the time and attention, the focus and effort, the commitment of what “training” would require.

I see amazing women run marathons and do triathlons, and I so appreciate and commend their training effort, dedication and consistency. They inspire me. To be honest, I think I could do those things. I could if I would. But I don’t, so I can’t. What seperates me from those women who run marathons is not ability, it’s willingness to train.

2FC7F7FD-EE1B-4A57-BE53-D95DDB77A084 I am not trying to rally an army of weekend warriors for races and events, but rather I am trying to help you unlock your willingnesss to really GO FOR IT!  Who thinks they should be writing a book? Who is supposed to be a teacher? Who wants a healthier marriage? Who wants to see a loved one saved? Who wants to stop living paycheck to paycheck? Who wants to raise radical Godly children who’s hearts are pure and who’s minds are fixed on Him? Who wants to be a worship leader? Who wants to quit their job and be a stay at home mom? Who wants to homeschool? What is it you are waiting for me to ask? (That! Yes that!)

At some point, we recognize the responsibility for the outcome is partially ours. Even with God calling us, equipping us, ordaining us… Books don’t write themselves, good marriages don’t happen on accident, money doesn’t save itself, kids don’t raise themselves, and we can’t blame everything on “waiting for God’s timing.”

Ephesians urges us to ‘live our life worthy of our calling.’  I can tell you, I want to do a better job of that! I feel called, and I have to recognize if I WANT that calling, it is going to require some uncommon training and preparation. I have to be willing to be consistent to that call.  Can you relate? Late at night, early in the morning, when I am tired or busy, when no one is looking, when I feel like it and when I don’t. Maintainence effort won’t get me here, but my best efforts in the hands of a Sovereign God will unlock the potential for God to take you towards your promise!

My efforts to write would never be to discourage, so let me end with this. If you are relating to what I am saying, it’s not to late. There are no expiration dates in God-given dreams! He is the Author and the Finisher of your faith. And each day is a fresh start to give Him your best.

Come out of hiding, and don’t be afraid of your dreams. Unlock the routine and be willing to strive for the extraordinary. Ask God to help you, journal your goals, be willing to do the hard work. Trust that once you start, your good, good Father is waiting to bless your efforts. The Word says, “grace and peace be multipled unto you”- every time I read that I think, ‘you can’t multiple by zero.’ I am the one with the power to influence what He multiples it by!

You have more power than you think, and you are able to live that life worthy of the calling He has for you!  And make no mistake, you are called and you are equipped! You could if you would! So…. go all in, and let’s go for it!

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