Golden Opportunity.

I had over an hour to myself this evening! When I realized this, I hurried thru the last of the house work so I could enjoy a quick evening run. (I seized the opportunity!)

I was headed east on a gravel trail, when I noticed the beautiful pink and blue sky out in front of me. Sometimes the sky produces exquisite color combinations that words can not describe. On the leafs in front of me, I could see the cast-reflection of the sun setting behind me.
In a quick moment, I had a thought: “Hey, how about you turn around and run the other direction. Run into the sunset; fully enjoy it!”
I turned on a dime, spun around and it was instantly breathtaking!! The giant low-hanging orange sun was perfectly framed right in between the split of the trailhead. There were trees on the left, trees on the right, and a gorgeous sun hanging right in the middle! It was just perfect, almost.

As I ran towards the bright sun and I thought, actually it’s a little too bright…if I keep running this direction, it might actually get in my eyes.  Without thought, I quickly jumped off the trail and took a tiny little detour— I diverted off course just a little to give the sun a moment to settle a lower on the horizon…
One block south,
One block west,
one block north… and then I jumped back to my trail…

Seriosuly, it was just that quick.



I circled back, expecting to run directly into my perfectly timed sunset, and, just like that… I missed it.
I couldn’t believe it?!
Really? That fast? Bummer.
I began to run faster towards the sunset, trying to redeem time… I was hoping that I could catch up to it and just see a glimpse of sunset I had already missed.

I ran up to the edge of the horizon – and then ran a little further, ran a little faster, only to realize that my opportunity had passed. Just as quickly as it came, I missed it. I could enjoy what was left of the sunset- the orange sky and fading color, but I missed my golden opportunity to watch and experience it in all its fullness.


It quickly unfolded a simple reminder. Sometimes timing really matters. And sometimes it’s possible that we need to be willing to enjoy something in the midst of a small amount of discomfort. Don’t take a detour just because the view it’s not quite perfect. Soak up the beauty in the moment, recognizing that time can’t be redeemed.

How often do we change course because it wasn’t quite as we expected… Good, but not perfect? Stay the course.

How often do we wait too long to be obedient? And if NOW is the time, then full obedience means don’t delay. Don’t miss it!

“Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.” Isaiah‬ ‭55:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

And don’t let distractions steal your view…. Matthew 6:3435CADDD8-CE8E-4278-BBE2-85E74EE8F296

In Isaiah 5:16, we are reminded to make the most of every opportunity.

Tonight, in my brief 30 minute run, I was reminded of these same small things. #perspective #instantinseason #goldenopportunity #eyeswideopen


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