Catching the time.

It’s been a minute since I released a blog. Like so many of you, this past month has been a doozy!

Change. Lots of change. Two significant ones occurred almost simultaneously for me. In December, I tendered my resignation from a local nonprofit. After nearly six years, it was time to start something new. In January I started as a Talent Advisor in the Human Resources department of an international manufacturing corporation.

Before this transition, my alocpecia flair-up was becoming increasingly evident.  Simply stated, this auto immune disease, when at its worst, causes irritation under my scalp, and as a result, my hair falls out. A week before I started my new job, I found myself in a local wig shop ordering a new do.  I haven’t worn a wig in nearly 12 years, but this is where I am today. Change.  One change I created, its excellent and I am so happy about it. While the other change is outside of my control and really isn’t my favorite.

When I was looking to create margin in my life, I didn’t expect it to add time to my day by wearing “grab and go” hair! But literally, it has made our mornings much quicker! 😊🤭 I will pick up the margin anywhere I can!

Today I want to ask you a question.

“How do you catch time? How do you capture moments and spend your attention?”

There really is no generic answer.  But I wanted you to recognize the question and evaluate your best response.

My new job is drastically different. I don’t have after hour calls, I don’t have email on my personal phone, I don’t have multiple functions. It’s structured and the functionality is specific and productive. I literally work 8:30am -5:00pm. I faithfully take a one hour lunch break. That is a SIGNIFICANT change. It is a drastic change.

A few weeks into my new position, a former employer shoots me a message to asks, “So what are you doing with all your extra time?” Great question.

As we work to create margin and scale back from living at 110% capacity; as we strive to plan ahead, avoid procrastination and seek to reduce social media time, how does that translate into successfully catching that time?

The insightful question made me pause, it caused me to stop and pivot my habits. Intentionally, I wanted to choose how to spend my extra moments. I was not about it to let the extra time slip thru my fingers and be absorbed back into my previously crazy pace. 7C44308F-D9AC-4EC7-8DF6-BB83551D3680

Good-Better-Best. Keep this in mind as you are consciously working to capture and reclaim your time. When you spend it, spend it well.

A friend in college frequently quoted her grandma, who said, “Have a good and Godly day, for of what eternal value is a good day if it is not also a Godly one.” I never met her grandma, but I always remembered what she taught us.

We have all heard of dream catchers. The Native Americans believed that the intricately-designed, beautiful hoop webs could “catch” and prevent people from having bad dreams, while allowing good dreams to pass through. While I don’t believe that Native American spirits have any power over my thoughts or dreams, I do respect the idea of believing that it’s possible to catch the intangible! It is possible!

I am catching my time! I am reclaiming my minutes, enjoying the pace of margin, and watching for the ease. I challenge you to catch your time this week too!




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