Always thinking or Actively Accomplishing?

I am on a journey of self improvement. I  believe it will be a continual one, with no arrival or finish line. And honestly, I am okay with that. Lord, keep working on me, I will always need it!

However, I believe my current journey has three purposes.

1) To improve the here and now. To make my marriage, family, career, health and general life more joyful, peaceful and prosperous.

2) I believe it’s preparation. The kind of dreams I am dreaming and prayers I am praying require it. If I am believing for God to fulfill my calling,  I need to be moving towards it. My life balance will be greatly impacted when the shift happens and I begin to get weekend speaking engagements. If I have the guts to believe that it could really happen, it makes me realize I must be ready for it to happen. God’s likely not going to call me out of chaos into a position of ministry. I believe he says a little something about our houses being in order first. I am learning lessons now that I will need to protect my walk with Christ, family, friendships and finances. Self improvement is preparation for the life of purpose.

3) It’s for you! I am learning so I can share, encourage, inspire, and challenge you! As you read this blog, I am praying the words stir in you YOUR version of this story. When I give my examples, think of yours. When I mention my struggle, think of yours. When I mention my dreams, think of yours! Ladies, He is callling us into kingdom purpose- daily! To be full, strengthened, brave, joyful, refreshed, wise, peaceful, and prepared for daily victories! Eyes up, girls, we got ground to cover and people to help!

Today’s thought is simple.

“What are you thinking about doing that you aren’t really doing?” Do you feel like you are wasting time thinking instead of doing?

 “To him who knows what to do, and does it not… to him, that is sin.”- James 4:17

  • awareness vs. action
  • conscious vs. accomplished
  • intention vs. intentional

To push us towards that true self improvement, here is an example that I currently face. A easy way to demonstrate – stop saying I should, I need to, I want to… and start doing it!

Since I changed job, I have been consistently aware, conscientious and had good intentions about exercise. I think about it daily, even hourly. Actually, I love to exercise. In my previous job, I had a relatively consistent routine of at least 3 hours of great workouts each week. While my new job will soon be equipped with a fitness facility, its under construction now. The weather has been terrible, and I havn’t yet found my new normal. It’s like I fell off the wagon and don’t know how to get back on.

I THINK about it all the time. But I have yet to find BOTH an hour and an hour’s worth of motivation to get my body moving. It’s just silly.  You’re thinking, “get over it- it’s only an hour… just do it.”

BEFFEDA9-20A0-47D5-8B0E-E6B9287640CCYes, I know, I’m thinking it too! And yet, today and tomorrow pass… I put other things in front of more excuses, even though I actually have the time!  I do just enough to not be satisfied. I get my 12,000 steps, do about 30 push-ups and squats and …. continue to miss the mark.

How much time are you spending thinking about what you really want to start doing?

Meal planning, eating healthier, sending thoughtful notes, sticking to a budget, saving money, cleaning out your closet, devotions with your kids, visiting your grandparents, volunteering, journaling, applying for a new job, going back to school, planning retirement, putting the house up for sale, forgiving someone, writing a book, starting a blog, painting your bedroom…

Maybe I mentioned yours, maybe I didn’t. But chances are, you have one. (At least)

So, what are we going to do about it?

For me, today, I recognize it, take responsibility and stop making excuses.

7C9A4A3C-DFAC-4265-8C21-3F7EC7801265Then, I ask God for help. Recognizing that it is Him who gives us the desires of our heart (Psalms 37:4) and also the ability to fulfill them…. (Psalms 20:4), it makes it easier for me to be honest and just ask Him for help.

Meanwhile, I stop complaining about not doing it. Jake doesn’t get irritated very often, but he dislikes when I complain about something that I have the power to fix. We loose the right to gripe when we surrender our power to change it.

Lastly, I find a friend who I trust, share my goal, and ask for help staying on track, or moving towards consistency.

It’s simple and it’s not new information- I realize that. But I am sick of us being frustrated by our wishes and wants when likely we have the power to accomplish them.

So today, I took an hour to write about wanting to exercise, while still not hitting the pavement! #irony

But, I believe there is something to be gained here. I am willing to share my silly struggles in hopes that it will help you move towards accomplishing yours! Good news, weather permitting, I will be here today for a run with a friend!B2F1CBCF-702C-4CD4-BE51-93C8DCFC0EAD

I challenge you to share something you want to stop just thinking about and really start doing! Let’s encourage each other!  Get up and get going! We have a great life to live!

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