Provision and Prosperity

The God of provision is also the God of prosperity.  The God of just enough is also the God of more than enough. The God of the day is also God in the night.

So often, we want to skip right towards the blessing. We pray for what we want, for the comforts of what we think we need. As I continue to pray and believe God for more: more blessing, more territory, more opportunity… it’s clear that our gracious, loving, good Father would first want to make sure we are prepared to receive the answers we desire. He is willing to cultivate our hearts and mature ya to handle the blessings on the other side of our own answered prayers.

This week, our Pastor preached on remembering the miracles from God, referenced Dueteronomy 8 — I could summarize, but this passage is so good!

“Remember the long road on which the LORD your God led you during these forty years in the desert so he could humble you, testing you to find out what was in your heart: whether you would keep his commandments or not. He humbled you by making you hungry and then feeding you the manna that neither you nor your ancestors had ever experienced, so he could teach you that people don’t live on bread alone. No, they live based on whatever the LORD says. During these forty years, your clothes didn’t wear out and your feet didn’t swell up. Know then in your heart that the LORD your God has been disciplining you just as a father disciplines his children. Keep the commandments of the LORD your God by walking in his ways and by fearing him, because the LORD your God is bringing you to a wonderful land, a land with streams of water, springs, and wells that gush up in the valleys and on the hills; a land of wheat and barley, vines, fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey; a land where you will eat food without any shortage—you won’t lack a thing there—a land where stone is hard as iron and where you will mine copper from the hills. You will eat, you will be satisfied, and you will bless the LORD your God in the wonderful land that he’s given you.” Deuteronomy‬ ‭8:2-10‬ ‭CEB‬‬


Pastors sermon was spot on, and as I read this passage later, it was so applicable. Here are a few easy take-away’s:

1) When you are going down a long road that feels like wilderness, remember, the Lord is leading you. He is with you; guiding you.

2) The heart of the Father isn’t for 40 years of wilderness, but rather He is for,  whatever it takes to prepare you for the Promised Land!

3) This test is not punishment. “Humbling” is not about getting you to behave better. It may mean allowing you to be put in an uncomfortable place. It may be an opportunity for you to truly decide for yourself what you really believe.

4) In the wilderness, there will be opportunity for great miracles of provision. Pay attention, it may look so common that it would go unnoticed. (Although, no woman would want her shoes lasting 40 years?!)  Wilderness miracles may actually be something you haven’t even seen! (In Hebrew, manna actually means: what is this? #newfoodmiracle)

5) There is a point to obedience!! There is promised land on the other side of this wilderness! Obedience is training ground for more blessing. Expanded territory is on the other side of the wilderness.

6) Learn all you can in your wilderness. Allow the season of “just enough” to develop a total dependence on Him. Let the dry season of everyday miracles prepare you to properly handle the BIG things ahead.


7) When you are sick of dry bland manna; and tired of the daily work to just barely have enough- don’t forget, this provision is a miracle.  Manna is a miracle.

8) When you are enjoying the fruit, figs and honey… When you have acces to more than enough and you lack nothing-  don’t forget, his prosperity is a miracle!

So— Who signs up for the wilderness experience?! Who says, “Yes Lord, here I am, send me… I want to be freed from slavery only to wonder in the dessert eating flat stale bread?!”

Likely, no one. But this chapter teaches me that the promise land is worth it! I am willing to walk uprightly thru the wilderness to learn what I need to learn! (But, I gotta tell you, I will ask for directions! I will pray for wisdom. Because I gotta see about maybe making an 11 day trip as opposed to 40 years?! I will learn how to manage my “just enough,” and find my true dependency on Him, so when He gives me the more than enough, I won’t forget my source.

And last remarks, I will also be willing to read the rest of the chapter! Because once you hit the promised land, there is still more learning to do! #finishstrong #notjusttheblessing #balancedfullword

Your homework assignment: finish Dueteronomy 8… read verses 11-20.

I have a years of miracles to remember- in the dry times, that can use my own brain to help me power thru a tough day. I can choose to capture my thoughts and think specifically on the good.

When I can’t have the honey, I will be satisfied because I know he will give me manna.

I want more prosperity, but I will live in provision. I will remember the everyday miracles!




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