It’s for you!

Sometimes writing is therapy, but I’m also hoping it’s a ministry. I had a couple of special people tell me that my latest blog was helpful or applicable to their situation. While I believe “It only looks like a mountain” was written as a chance for me to process my feelings, it also for others.  I was absolutely thinking about you! I am so hopeful that my story will fight to protect your perspective. Together, we can stay committed to allowing God our story!

I hope when you read, I pray you allow the emotions, struggles and insights I share penetrate your heart and find ways to apply to your life!

Tonight I am thinking of you… I am thinking of your struggles, both known and unknown. Both present and past. I am moved to continue encouraging you! May you feel validated in your strugggle, but empowered to push through it.  I pray you don’t give yourself permission to surrender! I pray that you will glean everything you can from the process, the purpose and the pain. Continue learning, growing, and allowing God to mature you. Seek the perfection of His plan.


To maxed out mom with a child who looks and acts differently than most… your struggle is a private one many may never know or understand. Momma, I admonish you! Your child is a perfect gift from God. You are fully equipped and well able to raise them! I would like to say that people aren’t really staring. If they are, may their eyes be gentle and full of compassion, not judgment. You are brave, everyday and you are teaching your child more than you can see!

To the woman struggling with her weight, fighting fear just to have the courage to walk into the gym. Your mind is pushing you back, it assumes the stares and judgement from others would be too much to endure.  You continue to fight the struggle of self esteem. Friend, may your eyes be open to recognize their stares are not in judgement, but rather in admiration. Find the one friendly face who is cheering you on. You are inspiring someone. I applaud you. Keep stepping, and don’t let fear steal one more day from you. You are beautiful. You are worthy.

To the student who struggles with reading, you miss half the lesson because you are distracted. You are so busy praying the teacher won’t call on you. Sweet child, you have the mind of Christ! He is so gentle and faithful to help you. Ask for His help, and expect His grace to carry you through difficult tasks. Don’t give up, release the fear and step into all your strengths!!

To the working mom, who is always feeling the self-induced guilt of dishes undone, incompleted homework, and missed bedtimes… Sister, I feel you! But, guilt is stupid! And it doesn’t produce anything worth while! I spur you on, and congratulate you for giving your best to both your career and your family! No one of merit is criticizing your home. Make good choices, be fully present, but live with no regrets.  You can do this, you ARE doing this.

Oh, there are so many more….to the lonely, those in difficult relationships…To those with kids who are not walking with the Lord, to those in continual financial hardships, to the one who is recovering from a divorce, an affair, an abortion, to those feeling the judgement for choices of the past and struggles of the present…..

Ladies, we all have stuff, don’t we? Things we fear, labels we wear, situations we allow to control us.  As we mature, both in age and also in our faith, I pray we all grow into the secure places He has for us.

Free of performance.

Free of judgement.

Free of comparison.

Free of fear.

My mom will tell you, even as a child, I have always cared too much about what others think. She always told me, eventually I would realize it just doesn’t matter. When I could quit worrying about what people think I would learn to just please God. Now, how simple is that.

Perfect love casts our fear.

 This lesson isn’t about having enough self control to stop feeling the emotion of fear… No, it’s about being so filled with a love of the Father that our identity is defined in Him. When we are filled by Him, the deficiencies, insecurities and hollow places are drowned by His great love. His love tells us who we are. It tells us everything we are and everything we aren’t. Doesn’t that sound like a better place to be?

Keep pressing. If you still struggle with fear, try filling up with more love.  And for a while, you might have to just do it afraid. Silence the voices, ignore the stares, and fix your eyes on Jesus!

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