4 Little Lessons from the garden…

This morning I was watering my flowers, and they taught me a couple of little lessons. Our Pastor gave us the book, “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson. Perhaps reading this book inspired my thoughts….

With the hot sun and lack of rain, these poor plants and flowers have deserved water twice a day. So I have done just that. The potted plants on the front porch have shade and they are beautiful and doing quite well. My back flower garden has partial shade mixed with the face melting, scorching-hot sun. For several of them, the struggle is real!

But… I have been so diligent to water them? They should be thriving! I have been so liberal with the supply. Why are they not doing better? Standing over the top, looking down, soaking them gently from the hose- what’s wrong?
Then, I stooped and looked closer

Lesson 1: Your perspective is different when you lean down and stoop.

The first thing I noticed was my poor Daylily. It was doing so well before, but it’s base was now full of several dead shafts. It appeared that it needed pruned. But seemed too early, and those sprout hadn’t even gotten to mature and didn’t even produce any flowers yet?… But pouring water on something dead didn’t help.

Lesson 2: Let go of the dry, damaged, dead areas. Don’t let them over run the new growth that is trying to spring up. Once I pulled out all those ugly brown shafts, the rest of the green leafy plant looked healthier.

The next little flowers were my mixed daisies, they had lost color and were whitheree. I leaned in, only to discover- their roots were on top of the soil!

Lesson 3: Surface roots will not sustain you. For a rich healthy plant to produce multiple colorful blooms, the roots must run deep to provide both  secure and connection as well as nutrients. I reached down and gently pressed the roots back into the soil, a little pressure to get them down deep…


Lastly, I was looking at my tickseed plant. A portion of it was green, and for several days I noticed about half the plant was turning more brown by the day. I really think it has bad been stepped on and damaged. Again, and I leaned in for a closer look,and the base had been snapped off and while still standing tall, it was entirely separated from itself.

Lesson 4: We can’t grown when we are not connected. No matter how much water I put on top of this plant, that couldn’t fix it.

Isn’t the Lord gracious that He can use everyday life, and the smallest of moments to provide reminders for daily living? Oh, how He wants us to live this abundant life in prosperity- beyond measure, joy and peace!

Stoop to listen and help.

Let go of the past.

Let your roots run deep.

Always stay connected.


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