More than just listening…

Does anyone still use filing cabinets?

6393ED98-831C-4D2A-9293-4D4FBAE9CAB4What happens to all that information?There’s actually a thought behind the question…  stick with me.

This past July and August, more than normal, I feel like I received an exceptional amount of excellent information… so many sources:  From the preparation and teaching at Joyful Hearts women’s conference, meaningful conversations with friends, a Global Leadership Summit that I attended through work, a timely eye opening book, revelations from the Holy Spirit, morning devotions, prayer walks with a friend, and weekly sermons for my pastor. I just feel full.

But information doesn’t automatically equate to transformation.E9BA1CCF-2F7B-4CB1-B379-A9ED90886171.jpeg

Here’s how I see it for me, personally- I’m a note taker, I’m actually a good note taker… Fast and furious, I am recording the words, thoughts, key phrases- it flows so naturally for me to capture the information. In addition, I feel like I have a pretty good memory.  So if we were to pause and have a conversation about one of these topics, I could likely recall the information, analogies and personal stories. I could re-share it with you and be able to transfer the information.

I record. But maybe without even knowing it, I turn the page and write down my next set of notes and I file it away. But, knowing stuff isn’t really the point. Stacks of complete journeys doesn’t mean progress.

When it comes to application, do you ever feel like you’ve just filled up a spiritual filing cabinet? It’s there,. but it’s not really being incorporated and integrated into the daily details of life. It’s not creating change.

How do we go from hearing teaching to really learning?  How do we apply it and change? D7B7D715-15A8-43BB-B182-B7B8C7B892A9.jpeg

How do we hit the pause button long enough to make it matter. We can’t just continue receiving information and filing away.  It’s time to seek and receive information, allow it to impact and change our thoughts, have some evidence of growth reflected in our behaviors, and begin making positive strides in the way think.

How?  I’m posing the question, but I don’t really have an answer.

For me, I think it goes back to my January conviction of creating a life with more margin… We need the continuous adjustment to a slower pace that allows for time of self reflection, meditation and intentionality. We can keep living a life of reaction. We renew our mind with the washing of the Word. 

For you, I’d like to ask:

What are you dreaming about? 

What are you trying to improve?

What topic causes conviction?

What do you know?

What do you do about what you know?

What’s in your filing cabinet that needs to be pulled out and actually applied to your life? It’s not just about knowing what we know, but rather internalizing Truth in a way that shapes who we are. Let’s do that!





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