Airplane Views

I love to be reminded, in life, we are just a little spec in the universe.  Looking out an airplane window is a great way to recapture that… Seeing nothing but clouds, the great expanse of blue sky. 5D01521E-532F-49E3-B156-A18C35D695B1Then as we descend, we see the patchwork of thousands acres of land. 30DA06D4-84CD-4CFE-8FD5-2C93E8308829As we approach landing—  we see little league fields, backyard pools, busy freeways, high rise hotels, corporate offices, and observe life happening without us.


There is a pace and rhythm to life so much greater than our own.

I do think God made us all significant. We have purpose, influence and a calling to fulfill.  Yet, it’s refreshing humility that reminds us: small things small, your life is just a small speck, a fleeting mark.

I met a man on the plane. He was curious about the book I was reading. Also, he wondered why I would carry my heavy Bible, why not use a phone app? … After all, even a ranch hand like him had a Bible on a phone app.

I didn’t even ask his name. He was originally from a town of just 14 houses in the open country of New York. When the population grew to 21 houses, his dad moved the family up into the mountains (because he didn’t like the crowds). More than ten years of service in the Marine Corp had given him education and life experience. He has traveled to more states and countries than I could name. He is currently the care-taker of a 150 acre ranch in California. He trains horses and gives guided horseback tours.  He has never sent an email, logged onto Facebook, and frankly, he doesn’t see much need to start.

The flight was a bit much for him, as normally he sees just two or three people a day. You wouldn’t know it by our conversation, he was quite the talker. He was flying home from a visit to his parents’ back in NY. His mom was ill and his dad was falling behind on work. This grown son flew CA to NY to cut firewood and help his dad prepare their property for winter. He is one of 4 siblings. Everything about him was genuine, simple and content. 

And his favorite female hero of the Bible? (After all, the original question about my book that sparked the entire conversation….) – Lydia. We also talked about characteristics learned from Ester, Rahab, Sarah and others. He knew the Bible well. 

When we landed, we parted ways. I thanked him for his service and he thanked me for the conversation.  I will never see him again, but his story is a great reminder. 

The world is big and we are small. 

God is sovereign and we are limited. 

Life is short and it’s eternity that really matters.

What were you worried about? What pressing issues are you frustrated about today?  A spec, a fleeting trouble. Here today and gone tomorrow. Breath deep, choose peace, and surrender to the idea that your life yours is not yours  to control.  The Qualifed God who made the  big big world, He also made you. He sees you in this very moment.  He’s got this.

Trust Him.

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  1. This is a wonderful post! Actually, it sums up my every flight trip memory (whenever I get a window seat). I often find myself looking outside the window even if I know it’s the same blue sky and white clouds..I would just keep gazing and would even wonder if my eyes could catch something that I have never seen before.
    Hope to read more of your thoughts. Have a great day!


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