Valuable Vision

An interview question I like to ask potential new hires is, “Tell me about a defining moment in your career.”

A recent candidate, let’s call him Mark, shared a management experience that offers a great lesson. He told me he was most proud of creating value in his team by providing structure. Years past, he was hired into supervisory role that had previously been vacant for several months. His new boss explained that he would likely need to “clean house.” The boss elaborated that the staff was insubordinate, under performing, casual about disregarding policies, known for taking long lunches, leaving early- the list continued. 30C058AE-309D-4CF6-8F12-19B0A82A01F4

Rather than firing any of the staff, Mark accepted the challenge to provide vision  and create the change he needed to see. He saw value in the existing employees, but understood that good people need direction. He asked questions. established boundaries, lead by example, and asked them for more. He drew a line, and asked his new team to walk it. They did. They flourished and the team began to thrive. Their quality metrics, performance, and moral soared. Why? Inherently, we all need a little structure. We want to be good at what we do, and that happens best when we have a clear vision of what to do! Good leadership creates value by setting expectations, creating boundaries, and casting a vision. This is the framework for success. So, likewise, let’s be good at leading the our minds.

The Bible says that without vision people perish . It’s not that they die,but rather that they aimlessly wander off course. With no vision, resources are wasted and people are scattered.  

So it is with our minds. 1A8648DA-16D2-4365-891A-4F11A87BA0AD.jpeg

Our unsaved, fleshly brains can not be left to their own devices. Without a little self management, restraint, coaching and correction- our minds will be scribbling  outside of all the lines in all the worst kinds of ways. Our unrestrained minds will tell us lies of everything we can’t do. It will justify selfish thoughts. It will harbor critical and bitter emotions. Our minds will build cases on self-righteous excuses to convince us sin is acceptable!  Our minds will shift blame and never be satisfied, pleased or content. It’s just exhausting.

You can’t fire your mind, but you can actually clean house!

Draw a line and tell your mind to walk it! You can take your emotions and thoughts captive. You have the power to cast down those crazy imaginations and the movie in your mind that is so counterproductive. You can wash your mind- it may take some work. Renew your mind and thoughts with God’s truth. Lead your mind to better places. Take charge! 

We know the battle is in the mind— fight it well.

May our greatest defining moment be when we value our own thought life enough to continuously provide a healthy framework of both structure and correction. 



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