You have control.

F30971DE-8858-41F0-A609-0F7B9EC02247.jpegSo it happened again, and I know you can relate. In the car this evening, my kids complained about it being too warm, so I turned down the heat.

It reminded me of the numerous times the temperature is uncomfortable and we forget to notice. Then, something inside clicks, and suddenly we realize- “Man, I’m really hot!” Now that I am aware, there is a sense of urgency. “Something’s got to change!”  Oh wait…. I remember…. I can turn up the air. I have the power to adjust the temperature! I can fix this!

In life, we all experience some discomforts. Would you consider that the power to change your situation is often within your control? Here’s the question, are you uncomfortable enough to recognize it? Are you ready to take control and change the temperature? Are you riding around in a hot box, not yet aware that it doesn’t cost any extra to be comfortable in your car. The controls just need adjusted.

If you have been in the faith community for long, you may agree that we have an enemy in the world that can be blamed for much of the hardship, challenge and temptation people face. I agree. I also think we may over-spiritualize it. We blame the devil or question God, but what if it’s really just life? And what if the solution to some of life’s disappointments are really found in self control, discipline and better choices?

The Bible is full of examples where people pray and ask God to move on their behalf. The miracle often happens through the faithfulness of the person making the ask. God has equipped us with a fully loaded vehicle with standard equipment that is available to all of us. Instead of driving around in a hot car, complaining we are hot, praying the temperature would change, or better yet— praying your spouse would change the temperature…  I have a challenge for us to consider— lean up, take control and make adjustments! The answer may not come soley through prayer, it’s gonna take some action! Take control and do what is within your power to do!

The subject of this blog actually surprises me. It feels like an opposite statement from the undertone lesson I have been learning. I am reading a book, “Control Girl.” It outlines the joy found in letting go of the burden of control. It’s about surrendering our lives to the Sovereign plan of God. But the key has been to recognize ways in control is present in my life. It’s been stepping on my toes in the best sort of ways.  However, laying down the reigns of micro managing the lives of loved ones, surrendering my scripted expectation is an entirely different version of surrounded control.

Today is about recognizing that perhaps we have unintentionally relinquished the control (the power) God has given us to change. Maybe the something we are waiting to change is really us!

We are equipped with power, love and a sound mind! (2 Timothy 1:7)  We have been given everything we need for life and godliness! (2 Peter 1:3) We know a lot, we should do what we know. (Phil 4:9)

Don’t give up your authority. Don’t waste the benefits that come with the plan of salvation.  And, don’t make this too complicated.

What came to mind when I said…. “Are you miserable enough yet to make a change?”

Your morning routine? Your house? Your health? Nutrition or activity level? Do you desire improvement in your spiritual vitality? Anger or patience? Spending habits? Fear? Procrastination? How about writing that book? Going back to school?  If you are reading this, waiting for me to call out your “thing” – come on, go for it! Take control of the thermostat of your life and take steps towards what you really want!

Take time today to write it down. You didn’t on’t have to have the answers or the entire plan. But use today as the chance to sit up and say, I am ready to take control and make some changes.

Any excuse will do, but then again, no excuse can stop you! Just decide today, and then decide again tomorrow.

#makeeveryeffort #dontquit #startagain #takecontrol … maybe the tone of my blogs are relatively similar, but maybe it’s beacuase it is what we need to keep hearing. Be a dreamer, but also be a doer. Time will pass, you can make changes and see the slow progress but real benefits… The temperature won’t change in thirty seconds, but progress is coming- and it’s sure better than riding powerless in a hot car.  Let’s do this!

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