Ready Receivers.

When Reagan was born it reset my body to beat alopecia. Between the pregnancy hormones, breast feeding, prenatal vitamins and the kick-me-into-labor dose of potosin, my body responded with rapid hair growth. After 12 weeks of maternity leave, I came back to work without a wig, and was sporting a short spiky, spunky new do.

At my three month check up, I jokingly told my doctor that he was going to need to set me up on a potosin drip so that I could keep my hair! People laugh, but honestly, I kept having kids, and the healthy cycle worked. I kept my hair!

My doctor let me know that my bright idea actually would not work. The body doesn’t receive potosin unless the cervix is effaced and ready for childbirth. The drug that is supposed to enduce and speed labor actually doesn’t do anything at all unless your body is ready for labor.

What a lesson.

How often are we begging for something we aren’t ready to receive. Or what about when blessings are sent our direction, but they are ineffective because we are not prepared to handle it.  Things rarely happen in a isolated vacuum. Life is interdependent. In order for something to accomplish it’s purpose, it’s likely going to be dependent on the fact that something else will have to be made ready.

Let’s get ready! Be ready! Live ready!



Each Sunday at church our pastor declares a blessing over us… do we receive it?

Heck, most people can’t even really receive a compliment! I can’t tell you the number of times a genuine compliment is deflected with a self-deprecating remark.

When I think about recievers, especially with the season our Chiefs have been having…. I get a visual of this! ECD3D15B-9921-465D-845C-51FD3FEBE82B

You have seen some amazing catches, and also witnessed some frustrating misses. It’s about timing, position, momentum, direction, and having your hands ready for the catch! The best receivers know it requires being at the right spot and running towards the expected pass, even before you can see it coming.  Receivers run downfield each and every time believing that the pass is coming straight to them.

It may be safe to say some of us are hoping to receive but aren’t running away from the ball!

We want the benefits of the potosin but yet we aren’t nine months pregnant and ready to have a baby!

God can send you blessings…. and I believe He does. But it’s possible – (if you aren’t a ready receiver) that they can slip thru your fingers. Let’s ask God to help us catch what life throws at us.

May we be positioned, ready to receive!


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  1. WOW this was good! Good good good, and everything I need to hear. I want, I’m waiting, but am I utilizing my season of preparation? Am I nurturing, caring for, growing my figurative baby? No. I’m sitting like a zombie staring at the wall trying to visualize what I want into existence instead of preparing my heart, sowing my field, seeding the soil.
    Thanks for this. I love you.


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