The Momentum of Change.

Recently I was pushing my girls on swings at an incredible park in Tulsa. I have 3 girls, 12-11-9.  They are getting bigger, which means they are getting tougher to push. The days of easy underdogs are gone. Now I really have to work to get them going “faster and higher” like they always request.

96CA8FD1-4491-4B3C-892A-74AE8E086D07The first couple of pushes were awkward… the swings were coming back fast and heavy. Despite my best effort, from a braced standing position, I really wasn’t able to absorb their swing. I thought I was ready to push them forward, but instead, their momentum staggered me backwards. I recovered quickly, but had to push back twice as hard to give them that boost.

After a few medicore and not too effective pushes I  thought: just for fun, I’ll adopt the “price is right” method.


As the swing came back…. I jumped with it! It took me up just a little bit, and then my weight and gravity made the down swing amazing! I landed and pulled the swing down with me, squatting into the push forward. Ta-da! We instantly found our groove! Their energy gave me energy and it was so much fun! Their momentum took me up and gravity brought us powerfully down. 

I didn’t realize it, but my friend captured a few pictures. When I looked at them today I had a flash back of me pushing the girls- enjoying the up momentum of their swing. It was such a sweet combination of working together. 


The experience made me think about how differently people can react to momentum and change. Even if you see it coming, you want it to happen – how you react and interact with the change has an impact. Do you brace yourself for it? Are you determined to hold your ground and try to not stagger back as you absorb the impact? Do you stand firm and try to change direction without being moved? Maybe that approach feels like resistance, even though you didn’t mean for it to.  

It’s common to wait to embrace the momentum of change until it just right up pressing against you.  By then we are behind the curve and have to try twice as hard to push forward to adapt. 

Change is unavoidable. To stay relevant – the momentum and pace of life will likely always push us out of our comfort zone. What if you caught the momentum and just jumped with it? What if you threw your head back, laughed without fear of the future and just trusted the process? Can you trust the journey? The ups and down, the ebb and flow… what if you knew you weren’t really in control anyway, so you just jumped in fully to enjoy the ride. Is it possible? 

Maybe not all the time, maybe not in every circumstance – but when you can…. you should! I encourage you to embrace the pace of change and give it your best effort! Let your feet leave the ground and relax into it. Recognize that in order to move forward it may feel like you are going back. Trust that change may include compromise, or layers of process. Remember the beauty of the give and take, and expectant hope we can have in the waiting. Make every decision in alignment with where you ultimately want to go. But jump into it!! 

I hope to always be strong and healthy. I want to have the ability push the girls long after they quit wanting me to. But, I also recognize I can’t do it in my own strength. I will use momentum, timing, and the jump. I will let God use me in ways that may sweep my feet off the ground for just a moment. I will trust the rush and the risk of the ups and downs. I can try to turn loose of control and just enjoy the ride! I invite you to as well! #jump #momentum #workwiththechange

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