It wasn’t wasted on me.

Last week I was blessed to attend a recruiting conference in sunny California. My company graciously covered the all the expenses. For those of us accustom to business travel, this is the norm, the expected, the common standard. Yet, I often -on purpose- find myself more aware and appreciative of what is being provided.

Several times I actually thought to myself, “This hotel is not wasted on me.”  Even though I felt like a little silly, like a country girl that doesn’t get out much I explored the hotel and the sights  around it. I took photos and felt joy.  

While travel can be routine due to frequency, I hope it is never ordinary or expected! I hope to never take for granted that someone else is paying the bill for what is available to experience and enjoy. 

Our conference hotel was extravagant. From the bay side location to the courtyard landscaping— pool and lounge areas, lighting fixtures, fancy food, and big city views! Even the basics were  over the top extravagant!

The fitness center was amazing! It was stacked with great equipment and machines, plenty of windows, mirrors, and open space…and even a group fitness room!  While there, I took full advantage of each. I used the equipment 3 times and I took 2 classes.

During conference breaks, I would dart outside to sit by the pool or a check email on a rooftop terrance. I enjoyed the waterfalls and fire pit, I ate the free apples, took a bubble bath and drank coffee in my room.

The details and perks; the beauty was not wasted on me.  

I experienced, enjoyed, and appreciated it all. (Well, except for the giant TV. I never turned it the during my stay!)

So why blog about it?

I promise, the point isn’t to over share about hotel accommodations, but rather to ask a question…

What has been provided to you?  What details of life have been laid out for you to enjoy? Who paid a price? Are you fully experiencing all there is? 

Some guests paid the exact same room rate, but never enjoyed the perks. It’s happens entirely too often.

When God created this world, He spared no expense and He covered every detail. This earth is extravagant; full of beauty.  Each new day it awakens with new adventure! Sunrise- sunset-beaches and mountains- dogwoods and dandelions- babies and thunderstorms …. life is such a gift!

God paid such a costly price when He sent Jesus to die for us. He paid it all and it’s  paid in full!

While it’s available for all, some don’t appreciate it!  Some don’t experience the fullness of life- and sadly, aren’t grateful to the One who paid for it.

Before conference started, I decided the best way I could honor the company who sent me was to attend every session, pay attention and apply what I learned.

Father, your gifts aren’t wasted on me. Jesus, your sacrifice isn’t wasted on me.  I want to honor you by remembering your sacrifice, being grateful for your detail and paying full attention to the beauty you provide!

The price has been paid in full….slow down and be grateful. 

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