Quality counts.

In 2016, I ran my first 1/2 marathon. I had two goals for that 13.1 mile race: have fun and don’t walk. Back then, I was happy to accomplish both. But, let’s just be honest, I didn’t properly train for the race. I signed up and did it because I wanted to be able to say I could. My goal was completion- not competition. Prior to race day, the longest distance I had ever ran was only 8 miles! I took a 5 mile leap of faith, hoping I could do it. I got lucky! I ran the entire race without walking, but I didn’t necessarily run well. At the time, I was happy, but I know I didn’t run at my best potential.

I recently signed up for another race. While the goal of completion is a good one, this time, it’s not enough. I don’t just want to run the race, I want to run well.

This is so true of life. I don’t just want to live, I want to live well.

Last week I mentioned my word for the year was QUALITY. The more I look into how that truly applies, the better it gets!

We justify the pace of life. We glorify the hustle and allow the demands of our own expectations to assault our schedule. As a result, what is urgent, necessary and immediate gets our best attention. Those things get handled, while the truly important things are pushed to the side burner. Quality will redefine your priorities.

We have settled with good enough for long enough. We have forgotten the power and potential of finding our best.

In the midst of wanting to strive for quality, I stumbled across the phrase “make every effort.” This has been my undercurrent for a couple of months. There are plenty of great verses to back up the idea of give-it-your-best. You’ve heard it before: work like it depends on you, but pray like it depends on God. #Makeeveryeffort puts some of the responsibility back on us. It’s a solid reminder that things like consistency, self-control, discipline, focus and vision all play a role in our outcomes. We are responsible for our habits, managing our emotions, making good choices and being mindful of our reactions. Yes, God is in control, but our level of living matters.

“Make every effort” is best applied when it’s coupled with God’s will for our life. When we know the character of God, it changes everything.

We feel empowered to go for ALL that He has for us! Try hard, yes- but put in your best effort from a place of trust in His plans and timing. Quality counts but what matters most is the Source!

You CAN do more than just finish! Quality matters; it empowers us to not just run the race, but run your best race! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

I started training last week, but this time I am aiming to do a little more than just finish! I am going to run well!




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