The Fog of War

After a long awkward pause, sometimes it’s hard to know what topic is good enough to break the silence.

Friends have checked in, wondering why I have stopped writing. It’s certainly not due to a lack of material. It seems the best lessons come in the middle of challenges. And we’ve all got plenty.

But I also think there’s a commonality in human nature that tells us we can’t share our experiences until they are a little more clean and tidy…As if no one will benefit from our life lessons until they make more sense; until there is clarity and a happy ending. Well, I just don’t think that’s the best answer for me.

Writing challenges me.

It causes me to find something to learn. It pushes me to make sense of the senseless. It may not be near and tidy for a while, but I can still choose to learn right now.

Does the construction of a light house have to be complete in order for the light to shine? It’s purpose can be effective even before completion. If I waited until things were perfect, it’s possible that nearby ships would crash into the shorelines. The same is true for you. If you can save me from misstepping, don’t wait! Let’s share our experience and help one another avoid pain!

It reminds me of concept I have recently read centered around VUCA and the Fog of War.

I’ll share the acronym:






Take a minute to consider their meaning; read the definitions. VUCA was a term that originated in the US Army. It was used to describe the conditions of the Cold War. Beyond fighting their enemy, the environment created more hardship. Their battle wasn’t effective, but it wasn’t necessarily because the enemy was winning. They were losing to the “fog of war.” The battle created a necessity to change strategy. What they knew to do suddenly didn’t work anymore.

Today, VUCA also describes life, business, and some relationships… Unstable, full of change, instability, disruptions, distractions and obstacles. These conditions compound and make things really unclear and confusing. VUCA- it’s real, but don’t let it paralyze you!

If you are spinning out in the foggy chaos, getting your tail kicked by circumstances and variables — maybe you’d like to start doing things directly?

Perhaps we could change our approach. Redefine our environment.

Let’s look again, here another way to spell it out… VUCA





Aww, that suits me much better.

If you are experiencing the fog of war, get wisdom. How do you get wisdom? Ask God.

In the coming blogs, I’ll better describe vision, understanding, clarity and agility – stay tuned! We’ve all got our own Cold War to win.

One thought on “The Fog of War

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  1. Perspective. While clouded it can be convincing. Let’s choose to see with His vision instead of our sight. Let Him light the path & make a way instead of us being a bull on a china cabinet try to figure things out in our own strength & will. His ways are higher!

    V – valiantly
    U – unearth
    C – core
    A – ailments

    I wanna pull up roots that are poisoning my walk & plant TRUTH in its place. Let’s do it together!

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