Be your own Boss.

My quiet morning coffee time has become an appreciated sweet start to the days of this season.

When I first got married, I was excited to have nice grown-up dishes. You know, the ones off the registry. I was proud of the square cut glasses and nice silverware, 8 plates, bowls, coffee cups and serving dishes that all matched.

I remember when someone first gave me a coffee mug, I think it sort of made me sad…. I felt sorry for the mug, “Oh,that’s nice, I like it, but it doesn’t match.” So up to the very top shelf it went, next to the Christmas mugs my mom gave me.

The collection of mismatched mugs continued to grow. While over time, some of my other dishes got chipped or broken. My silverware began to disappear at workplaces or school lunch boxes… life just happened.

Today, the matching set is rarely used. Rather than pride in the appearance of uniformity, I find myself drawn the the comfort of color, crazy and uniqueness.

So, I made a switch. I took all my boring coffee mugs and moved them up to the top shelf. I shifted my one-off, individually- gifted mismatched collection down to the preferred spot, and began enjoying them.

I love these mugs! When I use them I remember the person, place and time they were gifted to me.

It’s good to realize that sometimes what you think you want has changed, and it’s okay to make adjustment to support that. How it looks matters less than how it feels. I didn’t expect to prefer crazy cabinets full of different shapes, sizes and colors- but it’s a meaningful treasure I enjoy.

This one, “boss,” is actually the mug that inspired this blog. I was feeling a little sad, and I almost demoted it to the top shelf. This mug is from a past job, past employees, past success. I told myself I didn’t deserve that mug anymore, after all, I’m not a boss.

While the thoughts were still in my head, in the midst of the pity and attempted discouragement, I let the coffee cup preach to me.

Check out those words: insightful, visionary, dedicated, good listener, energetic, motivating, strategic, leader, empathetic, experienced.

I am or aspire to be all those things! Who wouldn’t? Since I’m not the boss, I will have to be my own boss. Perhaps I can lead best when I lead myself first.

Lead yourself well! Be your own boss, forget what it’s supposed to look like and embrace this crazy mismatched colorful life just as it is.

And if you are really lucky, your morning coffee cups can preaches to you 😀

This weeks it’s been: Hey there, pretty lady, choose joy, and be a good boss!

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