Hi! I am Lori Jones…. And I am thrilled you are checking out my site.  I am married to Jake Jones, and together – we have three amazing little girls… Just like everyone,  we live a pretty busy life but it’s an absolutely blessed and happy one.

I work full-time as the Associate Executive Director of the Joplin Family Y.  Outside of work and family, I spend time serving and growing under the covering of my church, Central Christian Center. I am passionate about leading worship.  Additionally,  you will find me busy with my “Woven” sisters!  Our ladies ministry group is committed to spurring growth and creating the spirit of inclusion.  We organize and host numerous events throughout the year, the biggest of which is our regional women’s conference, Joyful Hearts.

My husband and I host a weekly cell group.  We open our home (and our fridge) to create a genuine connection that has been a beautiful gift and a rewarding investment.  Not only do we share great food and laughter, but we see fruit in the lives of our closest a friends!  We do life together!  There truly is no better way.

Spare time is a hot commodity, but when I have it… I love to be outside! I enjoy nature, sunshine, the lake, fitness, and doing anything with family and friends.

As a speaker, life experience equips me with content for digging, learning, growing, and speaking. Whether it is the struggle of work-life balance, the mental and physical battles of health issues, a fleshly tendency towards pride and fear, or baggage from the past….. I speak on topics that have been derived from personal lessons learned along the way! Keeping it real, girls, we know that a faith-filled life is a battle.  That means I will always have plenty of built-in content!

I believe I am anointed to speak specifically into women. God has gifted me with a heart to equip women to live every day life with joy and strength. God also gave me a voice, and I pray opportunities to use it to empower them to apply their faith, use the Word, and believe it’s possible to have joy- even in the mundane.

I am available for any size speaking engagement.  Whether it’s an in-home-bible study, tea parties, or a conferences I am willing to go when asked.  For more information, or to check availability, please email: lorijones11@gmail.com

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