Reaching out of your darkness….

I shot this little video in selfie mode… learning to trust myself and step out of my comfort zone.  It honestly feels so natural and comfortable, but yet is altogether terrifying as well.  (what will people think, my hair has wispy fly aways, I was so critical… but I did it anyway!)

Yes, this is a promotional piece to spur ladies to sign up for our 2017 conference, but there is a small reminder in this candid video.

We all have light inside of us…. but we all have darkness as well.   When you feel caught in the conflict, fighting the battlefield of your mind and circumstance…. don’t be afraid to call on another light for some help.  Yes, two are better than one!

When you feel your flicker starting to dim — call on Jesus, (always!) –But also, call on a friend! Don’t isolate, and don’t stay in the darkness alone…   The light shines OUT of the darkness… Shine your way OUT! Click below!

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