S.O.S. -It’s not a crisis…

It’s a call to Scoot Over Some! This was message was delivered in my home church, Central Christian Center in August of 2016.  It’s a timely message about the need for an intentional transfer of leadership.  And then having to courage to take a hard look at what that really means.  This sermon is about a call for discipleship and mentoring within the local church.  It’s possible to experience a seamless transfer of wisdom and vision from the older generation.  That we would recognize the valuable experience gained as we could raise up a younger generation that, though slow and steady, can receive the baton.  If the older generation is pursued by a respectful and gracious younger generation who is willing to be faithful, committed, the older generation will feel the peaceful trust begin to bridge the gap.

For the older, this message is not a call to sit down, quit, or retire – but rather a request to “scoot over some.”  For the younger, this message is not a license to charge ahead and seek control.  It’s simply a plea for both generations to allow compromise and simply make room to growth.  There is a generational gap can be narrowed when we both take a step towards each other.

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